Throwback Thursday: FAMU puts up 84 on Norfolk State (in football)

One of my favorite inventions ever is Youtube. Been a fan of it ever since I discovered it back in college way back in 2005. I mean it has practically everything  you ever want to see at the click of the button.

One thing that has been tough to find, however, is HBCU football footage. Oh, there’s plenty of band footage, some of it going back as far as the 1950s. But finding actual football footage is often tough.

Thankfully, Florida A&M recently dug into its vault and dug up a gem from its most recent golden era. FAMU Athletics uploaded a 1998 episode of “The Billy Joe Show” which showed off the highlights from the team’s 84-14 win over Norfolk State.

Hopefully some more HBCUs will follow suit, dig in the crates and show their on-the-field legacies.

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