Several HBCUs to play meaningless games thanks to new NCAA restrictions

VUL will no longer count towards statistics or standings for NCAA teams.  (WSSU photo)

New NCAA regulations mean four HBCUs in the FCS and Division II will play meaningless games this fall, while other HBCUs may have their fledgling football programs will struggle to survive. The NCAA has qualified dozens of programs as “non-countable” opponents for its teams, including three HBCUs Arkansas Baptist College, Barber Scotia and Virginia University of Lynchburg.

Barber Scotia and VUL “do not meet accreditation or membership requirements” to compete against NCAA schools, while ABC is on the list because it doesn’t play the majority of its games against 4-year, degree granting institutions. Barber Scotia doesn’t have a football team.

That means Elizabeth City State (Sept. 5), Livingstone (Sept. 12) and Morgan State (Sept. 19) won’t have stats counted or be able to  count the games towards their standings as all three are set to face VUL this season.

Also making the list were College of Faith-Charlotte and College of Faith-West Memphis, along with the University of Faith.

Texas Southern is set to face College of Faith-West Memphis on Oct. 31 and Prairie View’s game against the University of Faith so neither of those games will count either. 

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