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Isaiah Freeman | Lincoln Lions on the Come Up

Documentary feature on Sophomore QB Isaiah Freeman of Lincoln University as he aims to leave a lasting legacy with the Lincoln Lions.

Lincoln University sophomore quarterback Isaiah Freeman is determined to make history. He wants to see his picture on the wall and his signature on the championship ball. Freeman says it’s not just about personal achievements, but also about the impact he can make on the program and the community.


When you walk into Lincoln’s Chester gym, you can see all the banners from the basketball players. This sight has had a profound effect on Isaiah. It has shown him what is possible and has motivated him to do the same for Lincoln’s football program. The coaches and the positive influence they have had on him and the other players have been instrumental in shaping his goals.

The program hasn’t seen success but Isaiah wants to set a standard for what’s next. He believes in the power of discipline, dedication, and hard work. It’s about the little things, like excelling in the classroom, being on time, and putting in extra hours of practice.

With the incoming group of transfers and freshmen, Isaiah wants the Lions to pick up where they left off and continue building on their previous success.

Isaiah Freeman says he understands that actions speak louder than words. Whether it’s carrying bags or putting in the extra effort, Isaiah is willing to lead by example.

“You can’t just tell someone to get on a bike without showing them how to ride it,” Freeman said. “I feel as though you have to show people the way, you can’t just tell people what to do. Leading by example and showing them what’s acceptable at this level and what’s not.”


Despite being seen as an underdog team, Lincoln University is determined to prove themselves, according to Freeman, who calls 2022 a learning experience for the team. With majority of the previous players still on the roster, he said Lions are more disciplined and focused on the little things.


Isaiah Freeman says he wants to send a message to those who underestimate the Lincoln University football team. He wants them to know that they have something special in store. This year he hopes to show LU’s opponents what they are capable of.

Isaiah Freeman | Lincoln Lions on the Come Up
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