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Washington Commanders minicamp gives Bowie State star a shot

Raymond Boone is fighting for a spot on his home team.

Bowie State star safety Raymond Boone is preparing for the Washington Commanders rookie mini camp this week. Boone grew up in Landover, Maryland just right around the corner from the Commanders stadium. He explained how surreal it was to get the opportunity from the “home team”.

“I prayed all night and I ended up getting a call in the morning,” Boone told HBCU Gameday. “I followed them my whole entire life and been to almost 20 games. So it was a great to get that call from my home team.”

Three Bowie State football players earned opportunities with NFL teams after the 2023 NFL draft, including defensive lineman Joshua Pryor, who will be in Washington Commanders camp this weekend.

“You got guys on the team that knew each other since birth, guys knew each other since we were part of elementary school or something like that. And we had guys who were high school teammates,” Boone explained.

“So like to be able to see guys that you went to war with every single Saturday and every day in practice get what they deserve and what they work for is it’s kind of surreal. I would say that it’s a bittersweet moment kind of seeing all three of us leave. But they got some great talent coming back to (Bowie) State.”

As he fights for a roster spot at the Washington Commanders rookie mini camp, Raymond Boone is focused on showing his ability to retain the playbook.

“My plan at mini camp is just to show that I can take the knowledge that we learn in class room and take it to the field as quick as possible,” Boone said. “I wanna show that I’m very consistent and learning my playbook. I wanna make sure that they see that I can take the information from the classroom and bring it on the field instantly.”

Washington Commanders minicamp gives Bowie State star a shot
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