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Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders could be the right coach for Auburn, Bo Jackson says

Deion Sanders can coach anywhere, Bo Jackson says. But is Auburn ready for Coach Prime?

Auburn is expected to be looking for a head football coach, and Deion Sanders is one of the hottest names in college football coaching rumors. So does Coach Prime have what it takes to be the head coach at the SEC school? 

Auburn legend Bo Jackson believes so. The biggest question in his mind, however, is whether or not the program is ready for him. 

“Deion could coach anywhere in the country — college or professional level— that he wants to,” Bo Jackson said in an interview with USA Today. “It’s just whether or not the organization is ready for Prime. You can look at what he’s done for Jackson State and the short amount of time he’s been there. He has the charisma. He has what it takes because Deion, like myself, we were coached old-school and that’s the way he’s coaching his players. You’re seeing the results.”

Bryan Harsin is the current head coach at Auburn, but he’s widely believed to be on the hot seat as the season rolls into November. Which would leave a huge opening.

Deion Sanders has been wildly successful at Jackson State, going 20-5 since taking over the program in 2020 and starting in the spring 2021 season. He’s led the team to a SWAC title, a Celebration Bowl appearance, and it is currently unbeaten and ranked no. 5 in all of FCS football.

Sanders’ name has been floated around or associated with several head coaching jobs over the past year. TCU, Nebraska and Georgia Tech are just a few of them.

For his part, Deion Sanders has been transparent about the interest of Power Five programs, saying that just to be mentioned is a “game changer.” He then went even further on 60 Minutes.

“I’m going to have to entertain it,” Sanders told CBS News when asked about Power Five interest. “Yes, I’m going to have to entertain it, straight up. I’d be a fool not to.”

Deion Sanders could be the right coach for Auburn, Bo Jackson says
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