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Deion Sanders calls out teams that missed his HBCU’s pro day

Deion Sanders thanked teams that showed up to pro day Jackson State hosted, then called out the franchises who didn’t show up.

Deion Sanders promised that he would give an account for which NFL teams did not show up for the Pro Day that Jackson State hosted on Monday.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer gave the final total of teams that showed up on Tuesday — and he named the ones that didn’t. 

“Twenty-four teams came to witness our kids yesterday in its entirety, and I appreciate you,” Sanders said on his Instagram account. “But there’s 32 teams in this Crayola box.”

Sanders proceeded to name the NFL franchises that didn’t show up.

The Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles were unaccounted for according to Deion Sanders.

“You could have sent somebody. You could have shown up just a little bit,” Sanders said with a slight look of disappointment. “But I guarantee you that you’re going to go to Mississippi State and Ole Miss. I guarantee you that you’re going to show up there. I understand. I understand you’re saying they have more talent. I understand.”

Sanders then issued a declaration.

“Guess what — we coming. And when we arrive — you better be here. Because our kids deserve it,” he said. “You could have sent a scout. You could have sent somebody, that’s all I’m saying. We won’t forget.” 

The scouts that did show up got a chance to see prospects not only from Jackson State but from Alcorn State, Mississippi Valley State and several other programs near JSU. NFL Draft prospects that participated included JSU’s James Houston and Alcorn State’s Felix Harper, among others.

Deion Sanders calls out teams that missed his HBCU’s pro day
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