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Deion Sanders wants all NFL teams at Pro Day, just like SEC squads

Scouts from nearly two dozen programs showed up at Jackson State for Pro Day. But Deion Sanders wants more.

When no HBCU prospects were picked in last season’s NFL Draft no one was more vocal than Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders. 

“You ball you get the call. I’m expecting a few of y’all to get the call,” Sanders told the prospects in attendance as Jackson State hosted a pro day on Monday afternoon. “There’s no way we’re going another year without a player from HBCU getting drafted. That’s a lie.”

JSU hosted the event and the bulk of the players participating were from the program. But it also hosted student-athletes from Mississippi Valley State and Alcorn State in an effort to expose them to NFL scouts as well. 

“We’re just trying to get the best kids regardless of where they come from. This is unbelievable,” Sanders told the media. “I’m sitting here watching with Coach Dancy to my right, Coach McNair an HBCU coaching legend, and a plethora of other HBCU coaches. This is a beautiful thing.”

Scouts from 22 NFL teams showed up to check out the talent on display. Deion Sanders said he was happy with the turnout, but he wants and expects more. 

“It should be bigger,” Sanders said. “Trust me that I’m going to reach out to the ones that aren’t here. And I promise you that but I’m happy. I’m thankful. I’m elated. But I’m not satisfied because if you’re going to have 32 tomorrow or something at Mississippi State or the next day at Ole Miss, we need the same out for it. But we’re going to get better and better and better and command more scouts to go watch our kids participate.”

The 2022 NFL Draft starts on April 28 and goes through April 30. 

Deion Sanders wants all NFL teams at Pro Day, just like SEC squads
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