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Nick Cannon to help wipe out debt for several HBCU students

Nick Cannon is an HBCU alumnus who has had HBCU alumni on his show, Wild-N-Out. Now he’s helping HBCU students graduate debt free.

Seven HBCU students will have their college debts paid for by Nick Cannon upon graduation.

The actor/host and comedian made the announcement on his nationally syndicated talkshow, which highlighted HBCU students. 

The students talked about the obstacles they faced in striving to attain their college degrees. NC A&T’s Christian Kornegay overcome a learning disability to get accepted into the Greensboro HBCU. He’s an aspiring host and entertainer. Mackenzie Estrep is working three jobs to help pay for tuition at Saint Augustine’s University. Sharandica Midcalf didn’t have a place to live and was told by a school counselor told her she didn’t have the GPA to get into college. She now attends Winston-Salem State University. 

“I was so moved by y’all’s stories and the obstacles that you’ve overcome that I gotta help out,” Cannon told the students. “Once you earn your college degree, we’re wiping out your personal student debt. Every single penny.”

Cannon will work in conjunction with the Thurgood Marshall Fund and the United Negro College Fund to pay off the debts once the degrees have been earned. 

Kornegay took to Instagram to express his excitement over the prospect of having student debt removed once he graduates.

“I cannot thank you enough!” Kornegay said. “You’re an inspiration to many especially myself in media realm! This has been a life changing experience granting me the opportunity to continue my education and push forward to graduate college! THANK YOU”

Nick Cannon is an HBCU alumnus himself. He graduated from Howard University. His TV show, Wild-N-Out has featured several HBCU alumni. They include North Carolina A&T’s Darren Brand as well as Winston-Salem State’s Chico Bean and B-Daht. 

Nick Cannon to help wipe out debt for several HBCU students
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