Fayetteville State to sell alcohol at sporting events

Fayetteville State will take advantage of legislation that allows North Carolina public colleges and universities to sell alcohol at sporting events.

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The Fayetteville State University Department of Athletics will begin offering the sale of alcohol as a concession item during home football games in the Luther “Nick” Jeralds Stadium and men’s and women’s basketball games in the Felton J. Capel Arena. 

On Monday, June 17, 2019, the North Carolina Senate approved House Bill 389 in a 33-12 vote, which authorizes North Carolina public colleges and universities to allow alcohol sales at stadiums, athletic facilities, and arenas located on school property if the Board of Trustees of the public college or university has voted to allow the issuance of permits for use at that stadium, athletic facility, or arena.

Alcoholic beverages shall be defined as beer and/or wine. Per G.S 18B-1001(10) of HB 389, this subdivision does not authorize the sale of mixed beverages when the stadium, athletic facility, or arena is being used for sports events sponsored by a public college or university.

The execution of alcohol sales is an opportunity to not only enhance the FSU fan experience but to also provide additional resources to invest in the athletics department’s mission of providing a high-quality academic and athletic experience for Fayetteville State University student-athletes.


Q: How many alcohol points of sale will be established?
A: Fayetteville State Athletics is preparing for at least two (2) points of sale for the 2021 football season within the footprint of the stadium.

Q:Will security personnel be at each point of sale?
A: Yes, there will be security and/or law enforcement personnel at every alcohol point of sale.

Q:What happens if an under aged student tries to purchase an alcoholic beverage?
A: Per the incident report that will be received by the Department of Athletics on a game-by-game basis, an athletics representative will relay the information to the Division of Student Affairs for the student to go through the university judicial process. Athletics will consider restricting the student’s access to future athletics contests.

Q:How will over intoxicated and/or unruly fans be addressed?
A: All sections of the stadium will be staffed with security and event management personnel to monitor all fan activity. Throughout the game, fans will be made aware of a phone number to the game day command center where game day managers will be housed. Once the command center is notified, event management can be radioed to address the fan issues.

Q:Will there be beer and/or wine advertisements throughout the facilities
A: Yes, there could potentially be beer and/or wine advertising, however all advertising must have a responsible drinking and/or awareness messaging embedded before being positioned in the facility.

Q:How will Athletics restrict the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the student sections?
A: An event management employee will be placed in the breezeways or entrances of all student sections monitoring the entry activity to ensure that no alcoholic beverages enter the student sections.

Q:What happens if someone wants to purchase more than one alcoholic beverage at one transaction?
A: If a fan wishes to purchase more than one alcoholic beverage in one transaction, the request will be declined, and one alcoholic beverage will be transacted if the patron still wishes to purchase.

Fayetteville State to sell alcohol at sporting events
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