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Why Shannon Sharpe wants Deion Sanders at JSU

Shannon Sharpe knows what its like to play HBCU football. He also knows Deion Sanders closely. He hopes Jackson State makes the hire.

Count Shannon Sharpe in as a supporter of Deion Sanders to Jackson State.

Sharpe is friends with his fellow Pro Football Hall of Famer and he said he’s rooting for him to get the Jackson State job. 

“I think its a great choice,” Sharpe said Friday on Undisputed.  “Hopefully it happens.”

Sanders is currently the leading candidate for the job opening. Sharpe said that Sanders’ hiring would give the school an undisputed advantage in recruiting, despite its lack of resources.

Here’s why he thinks so:

“These big schools they’ve got hundreds of millions to spend on recruiting, and HBCUs do not have that kind of budget. But to have DEION SANDERs… to have that man come sit on your mom or your grand mom’s couch, or your family members couch and says: “your son should come to Jackson State. I can help your son not only become a better football player, but I can help him become a better person, I can help him become a better man. I can teach him things in life that will always remain with him, regardless of if he goes to the next level or not.”

Shannon SHARPE

Sharpe spoke candidly about the impact that his college coach, Bill Davis, had on him at Savannah State. He also spoke candidly about his friend’s passion for the game. 

“I love this because I know this is his passion. This is what Deion Sanders wants to do… is coach football and help young men.”

Sanders has never been a head coach before on any level. Sharpe said his credentials would be unmatched, not only in HBCU football, but at the college level as well.

“We’ve never had a guy as credentialed as him go back to an HBCU,” Sharpe said. “I don’t know that we’ve had a guy as credentialed at him ever coach at the college level.”

Sharpe did admit, however, that Sanders’ incredible athletic skills may make it tough for him to be successful as a coach.

“Normally the great coaches, they didn’t have the immense athletic ability of a Larry Bird or a Magic Johnson. THat’s why Phil Jackson could become a great head coach…Rick Carlisle can become a great coach,” Sharpe said.

I know he’s gonna put together an unbelievable staff. I hope he gets it. I hope he gets the job.

Sharpe also (playfully) put in a bid for Sanders to come to his alma mater.

“I got a hundred bands ($100k) if he goes to Savannah State,” Sharpe told Skip Bayless.

“I don’t think that’s gonna be enough,” Bayless told his co-star.


Why Shannon Sharpe wants Deion Sanders at JSU
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