FAMU working towards reopening campus under new COVID-19 guidelines

FAMU is working towards re-opening for the fall.

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For student-athletes summer brings a different type of fun. Conditioning, workouts, and preparation for the upcoming fall season keep them very busy. But due to COVID-19 things have been a little different. The world of sports came to an abrupt pause in March. Now that society is slowly opening up people are itching to know “Where are the sports?”

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FAMU’s Athletic Department aims to ensure that the physical health of their student-athletes is protected. With guidance from the NCAA and the MEAC, they have developed a COVID-19 Response Team. This team formulated a strategic plan laying out guidelines that will be implemented for the re-opening in the fall. Below are a few of these guidelines.

  • Football, Basketball, and Volleyball student-athletes will return to the campus four weeks before the fall semester.
  • All other student-athletes participating in fall sports will return to campus with the general student body.
  • All student-athletes will be administered COVID-19 testing determined by the NCAA/MEAC.
  • Athletic trainers are required to abide by safety rules set by the CDC when interacting with the student-athletes.
  • Adoption of enhanced sanitization practices for uniforms, athletic equipment, apparel, and practice facilities


The possibility of face-to-face teachings for the fall semester will be determined based upon classroom capacity. FAMU said that it will be reduced by more than half of the standard occupancy. Therefore, it brings the idea of weekend class times and online classes to reduce campus traffic and classroom accommodations. All faculty, students, and staff will be required to wear face masks while on campus.

As FAMU gets closer to opening the hill to new and returning rattlers the school wants to make sure that they provide a safe space for learning, community growth, and overall excellence. With this task plan in hand the school is sure to continue carrying out their mission to “Strike, Strike and Strike Again!”, but of course at an acceptable six feet distance.

FAMU working towards reopening campus under new COVID-19 guidelines
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