The Ted Blunt Story: Promise Paid In Full

Ted Blunt fulfilled the promise that Big House Gaines saw in him and then some. Not only in basketball but in the game of life.

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Blunt spent the next 36 years as an administrative director for three different school districts. He worked with at-risk youth. He also spent nearly a quarter-century on the Wilmington, DE City Council, and was elected as president in 2000, which he maintained through 2008 when he ran for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware.

He and Alice also raised three girls, the oldest which would venture into politics as well. Little Lisa is now Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester — a groundbreaking one. She is the first woman, first African-American and first person of color to represent the country’s first state. 

“In over 200 years they have never elected a woman or a person of color to the House of Representatives,” Blunt said. “We’re very thankful for that.”

Rep. Rochester voted to impeach Donald Trump last December and is now a co-chair in Joe Biden’s selection committee to pick a candidate for Vice President.

“He cares about people more than he does himself,” Blunt said of Biden, whom he’s known for decades.

Her daughter, Alyssa Bradley, graduated from Winston-Salem State. Blunt’s youngest daughter, Marla, went to Winston-Salem State two decades after her father and served as the Student Government Association President. Blunt’s middle daughter, Thea, attended the school where Irving Mulcare had tried to take her father’s head off — North Carolina A&T.

“They saw something in the school that they liked,” Blunt said of his family’s choices. “They didn’t go there because I forced them there, they didn’t go there because I advocated that they go there. They went there because they thought that would be the best fit for them.” 

Blunt himself continued to support WSSU while advancing his career, serving on the Board of Trustees, where he served as both president and chairman of the school’s endowment fund for several years. 

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The Ted Blunt Story: Promise Paid In Full
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