HBCU Gameday Podcast: Three-On-Three with The RAC Boys

Three members of FAMU’s legendary RAC Boys give us the inside scoop on their 1998 season.

At HBCU Gameday we strive to do what others can’t, and on Monday night we pulled it off by going 3-on-3 with some of Florida A&M’s famed “RAC Boys.”

For those who don’t know the RAC (Run After Catch) Boys was the nick-name for FAMU’s receiving crew who went four-and-five deep and spanned several years and quarterbacks in head coach Billy Joe’s famed “Gulf Coast Offense. They play a prominent role in Wali Pitt’s upcoming film “The Mad Bomber and The RAC Boys.”

After months of watching them on film, the Gameday Crew got a chance to talk with three members of the crew: Jacquay Nunnally, Cainon Lamb and Demetrius Bendross. What followed was an hour-long conversation filled with memories, laughs and more.

Some of the highlights include:

6:33   Nunnally explaines how he almost ended up at Florida State
14:40  How the RAC Boys got their name
21:40 Breaking down the offense
25:30 How Bonner became The GUY
46:10 Favorite games of 1998
51:40 Rivalry vs. Southern and playing with the band
Rac Boys Bonner
We hope you enjoy the podcast and be sure to check out the film “The Original Gulf Coast Offense: The Mad Bomber and The RAC Boys” on Roku and

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