Coaches dish on 2018 SIAC season

Tuskegee playoffs

2018 season kicks off with Media Day.

ATLANTA–It’s no surprise that the usual suspects are predicted to win their respective divisions in the SIAC. There’s Tuskegee, Miles, Albany State and a rotating guest in the East. This year it happens to be Benedict.

One thing about the SIAC, however, these coaches aren’t big into “coach speak” and filibustering. They are generally a candid bunch and don’t pull too many punches.

I got a chance to catch up with all of the coaches on Tuesday. We’ll hear from everyone throughout the week. For now here’s a sampling of Willie Slater (Tuskegee) Gabe Giardina (Albany State) Reginald Ruffin (Miles) and Mike White (Benedict). Plus as an added bonus we have some Miles versus Tuskegee debating going on.


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