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Podcast: Jake Gaither Classic

HBCU Gameday Podcast

First off our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of the Hurricane that will be impacting the Gulf Coast this weekend.  We know that the Texas Southern team is already in Tallahassee for this weekend’s game but there are still lots of people who will be impacted, we wish them the best.

The Jake Gaither Classic is the lead on this week’s podcast.  Anything can happen once they start playing, but on paper it looks like an evenly matched game that the fans should enjoy.  It’ll be hot with a noon kickoff but neither team is a stranger to the heat so any impact it has should be across the board.


Wali Pitt and I will be there passing out t-shirts, kicking it on social media and of course capturing all the sights and sounds for those of you who won’t be there.



Another big conversation this week was the comical Twitter war between Clark Atlanta University and seemingly the rest of HBCU nation over Chance the Rapper.  If you missed this Twitter moment, no worries, so did I!


Sometimes our podcast is scripted out, other times we just make up stuff while we are talking.  This week we somehow delved into who has the best athletic logo in HBCU sports.  I was surprised to find out that Steven isn’t really into the animal mascots at all.  He breaks down what really makes a good iconic logo in his opinion.  I pull out an oldie but goodie as one of my favorites.




An abbreviated football schedule this weekend but a great primer for the big opening weekend of September 2nd.  Enjoy the podcast and support our HBCUs this weekend with your eyeballs, your hashtags and however much of your attention span you can spare.

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