South Carolina State player pulls boy from car after accident

Reggie Owens spends much of his time in Orangeburg chasing quarterbacks and running backs. But Saturday morning, the SC State defense end came up big by saving a young boy.
Owens was traveling back from SC State when he witnessed three children being thrown from a vehicle after being T-boned by another vehicle.

“I stopped; I was the first on the scene. I rushed out to make sure everyone was okay. As I approached the cars, I saw one child that fell from under the car. I had to pull him from under the car to keep him from being run over,” Owens told WTOC.

“I thought ‘this is bad,’ I immediately had someone go to him; somebody tend to him. I had a shirt; I took my shirt off. I plugged his wound. I had to stop the bleeding; he was bleeding profusely. I knew I couldn’t move the bodies but I could at least stop the bleeding,” said Owens.

Owens recorded 4.5 sacks in 10 games in 2014.

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