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FAMU locker room video taken down after two weeks

Two weeks after dropping a video shot in the FAMU locker room, Real Boston Richey is pulling it down.

Rapper Real Boston Richey has pulled his video starring the FAMU football locker room after two weeks.

The Tallahassee-based rapper posted the following statement on social media Friday night, announcing that the video had been pulled.

“Out of respect for FAMU, the video for video “Send a blitz” is no longer available,” he wrote in his statement. “I have a long-standing amicable relationship with the FAMU community and it’s athletic teams and I hope to continue to build with them in the future. This video was not meant to be disrespectful in any way but to highlight my love for the school and its teams. Sending lots of love to the Rattlers for a great season and go stream “Send a Blitz.” 

Part of the video, which features explicit lyrics, was filmed inside the football locker room last month without the consent of the powers that be. The video also featured FAMU jerseys and helmets. 

Boston Richey leads the team during homecoming
Boston Richey leads the FAMU football team during homecoming

The video was released on July 21 and resulted in a quick response from FAMU head coach Willie Simmons who immediately put a pause on all football activities that night and throughout the following weekend. The news went just about everywhere before activities were reinstated as the department of athletics opened an investigation.

While no findings have been announced, it appears that the video that took the HBCU football world by storm one weekend in July will soon be just a memory.

FAMU locker room video taken down after two weeks
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