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Fuel pump woes strike again for NY Racing

Despite the disappointing finish the FAMU car did lead a lap at Las Vegas.

NY Racing fielded its second car in three weeks on the NASCAR circuit, featuring a new HBCU paint scheme. But the No. 44 car with the striking Florida A&M design saw a promising day come to an end with mechanical issues at Las Vegas.

Veteran driver Greg Biffle kept the car on the lead lap all afternoon and even led a lap under caution late in the second stage of the race. But the battle of attrition caught up to the 44 car when a fuel pump issue knocked the team out of the race. The car finished in position 34 out of a 37 car field.

A faulty fuel line caused the team to go several laps down during the Daytona 500 earlier this month.

NY Racing had an opportunity for a top 25 finish as several accidents unfolded during the race at Las Vegas. Biffle was leading top cars like Brad Keselowski and Ryan Blaney who had crashed earlier in the race. Despite the handling issues of the “next gen” car Biffle was running a clean race on the lead lap and avoiding the accidents.

NY Racing fielded a car with a Grambling paint scheme at the Daytona 500 with Biffle behind the wheel. The team finished 36th in that race.

Fuel pump woes strike again for NY Racing
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