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HBCU football recruiting reaches star-gazing phase

HBCU football has gotten more star-crazy than ever when it comes to recruiting. But as we’ve seen in HBCU football, stars don’t always predict success.

Malcolm Bell is the founder of Undefeated Quarterback Training.

Two-star recruits are viewed as fringe FBS players by 247 Sports, but for FCS programs they are often program cornerstones. Not surprisingly, these are the players that have had the biggest impact on black college football in recent years. Malcolm Bell is a prime example of that.

Bell came to North Carolina Central as a two-star quarterback from Richmond, VA in 2012. He says he didn’t pay much attention to the number of stars attached to his name. He just wanted to get a chance for a scholarship to play Division I football.

“For us, we really didn’t think too much about stars and recruiting profiles like that in Virginia, that wasn’t available to us,” Bell said. “It was just so much harder to get exposure. Your stars aren’t your stats. They’re basically how many time that recruiter or whose recruiter has actually had eyes on you and actually been able to evaluate you for their self.”

Bell finished his career with two MEAC titles and left as the program’s all-time leading passer. Now he’s the founder of Undefeated Quarterback Training and has coached several three-and-four star players, including Jaylon Jones of Jackson State.

He says its best to start as early as possible and that it is imperative that high school coaches take initiative in helping their student-athletes get noticed.

“Any coach that says recruiting doesn’t matter and stars don’t matter— it’s hard to see because your kids are missing out from the kids that are getting evaluated from other schools because they put more into the recruiting and getting into those camps for big time exposure and can lead to big-time offers for players.”

Bell is just one example of a two-star player leaving his mark on HBCU football. There are several more recent examples. 

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HBCU football recruiting reaches star-gazing phase
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