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Florida Memorial cancels two sports as COVID-19 questions remain

Florida Memorial University has shut down two of its women’s sports. Its president says it has nothing to hide. But are we getting the whole story?

Florida Memorial is shutting down two women’s sports for the remainder of their 2020 seasons.

The Department of Athletics sent out a release stating that the women’s volleyball and soccer seasons were canceled due to a university survey and consultation with students.

Here’s the official release:

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Florida Memorial University Athletics announced it has canceled the remainder of the season for our women’s volleyball and soccer programs, effective immediately on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. As a result of feedback from a university survey and conversation with members of both teams, University leaders honored their request not to continue the season.

The well-being of our student-athletes, coaches, and athletics staff is our priority. Currently enrolled student-athletes will retain their scholarships through the completion of the academic year if they choose to remain at FMU.

“Based on results from a survey administered to student-athletes and coaches, we feel it is in the best interest of the University to cancel the remainder of the women’s volleyball and soccer season,” Director of Athletics Ernest T. Jones said. “This action allows student-athletes to continue to focus on their academics.”

Football, basketball forge ahead

However, sources tell HBCU Gameday that there is a COVID-19 outbreak among the women’s soccer program. As many as 14 members of the soccer program, including coaches, have tested positive according to these sources.

“We still have a couple of those players who are coming out of quarantine,” Dr. Jaffus Hardrick, President of FMU told HBCU Gameday on Tuesday. And they just didn’t feel like they wanted to jump out there and play.  The majority of them said we want to play, but out of caution said no.”

This news comes almost two weeks after members of the volleyball program tested positive for COVID-19 following a Sept. 30 volleyball game. The team’s coach, Marrita Crockett-Moulton, was suspended after members of the program voiced concern. She was later reinstated. Dr. Harwick said volleyball was the only sport that elected not to play as a team.

“Football, 100 percent said they want to play,” he said. “Player and coaches. Men’s and women’s basketball said they want to play and they wanted to play with fans.”

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Florida Memorial cancels two sports as COVID-19 questions remain
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