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HBCU Women’s Basketball Attendance 2019-2020

HBCU women’s basketball saw a wide-range of attendance numbers during the 2019-2020 season. See where your HBCU stands.

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HBCU women’s basketball attendance numbers are in and the data, as always, is interesting.

Big South, SWAC and CIAA teams finished with teams in the top five amongst HBCUs, according to the NCAA

Hampton averaged 2,871 fans to lead the way for all HBCUs. It finished 18-11 overall, 8-5 at the Hampton Convocation Center.

Southern finished second in attendance with nearly 2,500 fans per game. The attendance definitely helped the home-court advantage as it went 11-1 in Baton Rouge.

Winston-Salem State finished third overall in HBCU basketball attendance, and third among the entire Division II field with an average of 1,872. 

The SWAC saw its overall basketball attendance go to 1,012 — marking the first time averaging over 1,000 since 2014. It’s averaged jumped nearly 200 per game. Five of the top 10 teams hailed from the SWAC.

The MEAC saw its average attendance take a hit, with an average of 623 fans per contest in its 141 home games. North Carolina A&T led the way with just over 1,100 fans per game.

The CIAA finished third in Division II attendance with 683 fans per game.

SIAC basketball numbers were unavailable.

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HBCU Women’s Basketball Attendance 2019-2020
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