George Williams

George Williams, NCAA legend and Olympic track coach, fired by St. Augustine’s University

George Williams’ name is synonymous with St. Augustine’s University, but his time has come to an end.

One of the most prolific coaches in NCAA history has been fired from a school where the football stadium bears his name.

St. Augustine’s University has fired Director of Athletics and long-time track coach George Williams, according to ABC 11.

“These people don’t care,” Williams told the Winston-Salem Journal. “We’re getting a new president and they are doing some things around here, so that’s all I’m going to say.” 

Williams led St. Aug to 39 national titles, third-most in NCAA history regardless of division. He’s also coached 33 national runners up. He also served as head coach of the 2004 USA Olympic team and was an assistant on the 1996 team.

His removal from his post comes less than a year after he survived a near-fatal car accident in Quatar. It also comes less than a year after Williams fired former head football coach Tim Chavous three games into the 2019 season. The parent of a football player went on record to accuse him of improperly funding the school’s struggling football program.

The ending of the relationship with Williams marks a big change for the Raleigh, NC HBCU. But as we’ve seen all year, 2020 is a year of change like none other.

George Williams, NCAA legend and Olympic track coach, fired by St. Augustine’s University
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