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Lawsuit: Southern band director asked for kickbacks for performance

Southern’s band director accused of asking to be paid under the table by promoter for performance.

The leader of one of the most iconic marching bands in the SWAC, HBCUs and college sports in general is accused of trying to get paid under the table.

Human Jukebox Band Director Nathan Haymer reportedly asked for a ten percent kickback to have the band and its auxillary band troop, the Dancing Dolls, perform at an event. This is according to a lawsuit that includes Haymer and the University as well as several other officials, according to WBRZ.

The band ultimately did not show up at the events, leading White Enterprises LLC and Octagon Media to sue the university after it had to pay out refunds for a show in 2015.

According to the lawsuit, Maranda White, owner of Octagon Media, was approached by Haymer to plan and execute an event in June of 2015. White claims Haymer told her that he was able to authorize the band’s “Jukefest” performance. Ten days before the event was to take place, Haymer allegedly sent text messages asking that he and his staff be paid under the table while informing her that his supervisor could cancel the event.

“The ten percent needs to be made payable to me so that the staff can be properly compensated. I am asking for you to hide this ten percent in your percentage charge from your business. If this cannot be done, please let me know.”

Haymer disputes texts

Haymer’s brother, Niles, will be representing him in the matter.

“These are text messages from almost three years ago,” Niles Haymer said. “So, my brother doesn’t believe he sent anything like that. He doesn’t get paid for activities like that. So he doesn’t believe he sent the messages like that. But he does believe the plaintiff texted back on several issues.”

Niles Haymer claims the issue is the breach of contract, and not the text messages. He framed the matter as an attack on the fame of Southern’s band.

“Success comes with these problems. You will always have people saying you are too successful and we will bring you down. This is an opportunity for the plaintiff to drag the Southern band director in the mud.”


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