HBCU Gameday Podcast

Podcast: Three day weekend and the Digital Divide

HBCU Gameday Podcast

Thursday, Friday and Saturday football on tap. Let’s talk about it!

From the Digital Divide, scholarship discrepancies and a three-day football weekend, there’s plenty of action to discuss on this week’s podcast.  Our weekend kicks off in Tallahassee and Steven Gaither gives his first hot prediction for week five.

Crazy offensive numbers

Why are we having these basketball scores in CIAA football this year?  Steven explains and makes the case that a triple-digit score isn’t out of the equation in 2017. The SIAC and SWAC have a little crossover weekend going, I’ll let you know which school should benefit the most from that. Is De’Lance Turner the top back in the SWAC? We take a look at the numbers.



Digital Divide

My favorite part of the conversation this week is the digital divide that exists with HBCUs.  We posed the question on Twitter asking what you guys expect from your school in the digital space and we take a deep dive into that conversation.

Enjoy three days of HBCU football and we look forward to breaking it all down again next week.

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