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Clark Atlanta upgrading Panther Stadium

Something big is coming to the AUC.

Courtesy: Clark Atlanta University

From CAU Panther Stadium to the Vivian Wilson Henderson Gymnasium, to the Panthers’ tennis courts, Clark Atlanta University’s athletics facilities are in the midst of a slew of upgrades that will give Panthers athletics a brighter, updated look.

New Video Board

“I am excited about these upcoming projects that will change CAU’s athletic footprint in the conference, as well as in the region,” said Athletic Director J Lin Dawson.  “Very soon, a new video board will be installed in CAU Panther Stadium, the Olympic track will be refurbished, and the swimming pool at the Vivian Wilson Henderson Building will be restored.”


On the heels of a new floor and bleachers at Henderson Gymnasium, the men’s basketball locker rooms have been refurbished with new lockers, a player’s lounge, and study area.  The same is being done for the women’s basketball locker rooms, while volleyball and tennis locker rooms are also getting upgrades.  The gym lobby will also be spruced up, including a new floor graphic.

Outside, the tennis courts are being resurfaced. Gone will be the old green surface that will be replaced by the industry standard blue surface, along with new fencing.

Seen across the AUC

Evan Brown, team operations, equipment , and facilities manager, said that along with a new track, Panther Stadium will get new laundry equipment and a new pictorial display featuring CAU athletes of the past and present on the walls in the locker room area.

But the new video board, which measures 44 feet-by-24 feet, is something he is especially excited about.


“The video board is a major upgrade,” Brown said. “It’s going to have so many dynamics to it that will help us with not only at sporting events, but in fundraising and hosting other events.  We’re talking about a board you can see from one side of the stadium all the way to other parts of the Atlanta University Center. The graphics are amazing; the video resolution is amazing.  It will include video. We are going to start off with one camera, but eventually, we’re going to go to four cameras so we can have video from different angles. It’s going to be something to see.”

Ready for Homecoming

Many of the new facility upgrades are currently in progress, with the video board hopefully being installed by CAU homecoming day.

“I’m ecstatic,” Brown said. “This is a long time coming. This is our home. Whatever we can do to make it better for us, the school and student athletes, we’re going to do it.”


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