Beyond the Yard: In Depth with Tarik Cohen Finale

If you’ve been following HBCU Gameday over the past few years, it’s pretty clear that former North Carolina A&T running back Tarik Cohen has been the star of the

Before his senior season in 2016, we traveled to Bunn, NC, traveling home with Cohen and putting together what would become our “Beyond the Yard” series.


Cohen candidly talked with us about family, football, and his future in the three part series that spanned the entire 2016 season.

After a stellar senior season in which Cohen broke MEAC records and help guide the Aggies to the FCS Playoffs, it was no surprise that he was about to get his shot to prove himself in the NFL.




And on Saturday, April 29th, Tarik Cohen received the call that would change his life, as the Chicago Bears made him their 4th round draft pick.

Before he left Greensboro for training camp we caught up with Cohen as he took the field at Aggie Stadium one last time… Not to leave more defenders in his dust, but for one last “Beyond the Yard” interview before he left for the Windy City.

Cohen filled us in on the madness that is the NFL Draft process, his relationship with his new organization, and relived some of his favorite memories from his collegiate career, in the finale of “Beyond the Yard” In Depth with Tarik Cohen.




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1 Comment

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