Fallout From FAMU’s Holmes Firing Continues

It’s been a rough 24 hours in Tallahassee. Florida A&M’s firing of Earl Holmes as head coach is making national headlines, and not just because they let the former NFL linebacker and former FAMU football star go.

Apparently, many people are upset with the timing of Holmes firing, including a former state senator who had some harsh words for the FAMU AD Kellen Winslow Sr.

Former Florida Senator Al Hanson slammed athletic director Kellen Winslow, Sr for firing Holmes during the school’s homecoming week. 

During a meeting of the 220 Quarterback Club on Wednesday, Lawson called athletic director Kellen Winslow Sr. “disrespectful” and said removing Holmes during the week of homecoming was “wrong.” 

“There’s no one – not even in high school – that would interrupt homecoming,” he said. 

“A competent athletic director would have called someone in … he wouldn’t have sent a letter.”

Just for background, Lawson isn’t just some politician throwing stones. He’s a FAMU alum, and his name is on the school’s brand-new arena.

From everything we know about the situation, from the way it went down to Winslow’s alleged comments to FAMU’s student-athletes, it looks like Kellen Winslow has made it a point to put his stamp on the FAMU program–for better or for worse.

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