College Football Attendance Is Down All Over, Not Just At HBCUs

Filling the stands is a problem for programs at the highest level of college football. 

Common knowlege says attendance at HBCU football games is on the decline. That may be true in some cases, but not all, as SWAC and SIAC teams have some of the highest attendance figures at their respective divisions. And even in those cases where attendance is on the decline, a recent AP article shows that is a college football trend, not just an HBCU one.

Apparently the ACC is also struggling to get fans in the stands.

“Through the first two weeks of the season, ACC newcomer Louisville is the only school to have filled its home stadium to capacity, and that was in the Cardinals’ opener against Miami. The crowd was a standing room only record for Louisville, where fans are excited about the return of coach Bobby Petrino.

Still, a week later, with Murray State visiting Cardinals, nearly 5,000 tickets went unused.

And when Miami returned home for its opener against Florida A&M, the Hurricanes — who play in a 74,916-seat stadium — drew just over 48,000.”

What is your school doing to get more fans in the stands?

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