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Shedeur Sanders keeps HBCU impact with “The Shedeur”

Shedeur Sanders is no longer at Jackson State, but HBCU athletes are all hitting “The Shedeur” just like everybody else. Including old rivals.

Shedeur Sanders is no longer at an HBCU, but he continues to have an impact on HBCU sports as well as college football as a whole.

The former Jackson State star and current Colorado quarterback made headlines earlier this year when he flexed his watch at opposing players prior to the Colorado State game.

That footage went viral, thanks to the robust video contingent led by Deion Sanders Jr. A few days later, DJ Khaled did ‘The Shedeur, shocking the quarterback himself. 

“Oh when DJ Khaled did the watch?” he said. “I don’t know, it just happened. I didn’t know it was really gonna blow up or anything like that because it was just in the moment. Nothing was premeditated to where I know, ‘OK, I’m gonna go do this.’ It just happened and he just took it and ran with it.”

Kelvin Dean, The Shedeur, HBCU
Kelvin Dean hits ‘The Shedeur’

A lot of college athletes have been running with ‘The Shedeur’ since then — including those at HBCUs. 

Florida A&M running back Kelvin Dean broke out “The Shedeur” after a big touchdown run against Prairie View in his team’s homecoming win last week.

Freshman Daylin Lee hit “The Shedeur” after a big homecoming win.

Winston-Salem State freshman quarterback Daylin Lee did the same thing in front of the HBCU Gameday cameras a week earlier after leading his team to a comeback win over Saint Augustine’s University on his homecoming.

WSSU guard KC Shaw hit “The Shedeur” to show off his championship ring earlier last month.

Earlier this week, the Howard University men’s basketball team received friendship bracelets from their managers and they all hit “The Shedeur.” 

While Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sanders and the rest of the Colorado program may be a sore spot for some HBCU fans, it is clear his influence with HBCU athletes continues to remain strong. 

Shedeur Sanders keeps HBCU impact with “The Shedeur”
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