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Shannon Sharpe to ‘First Take’ isn’t done yet, Stephen A Smith says

Here’s what Stephen A. Smith had to say about reports Shannon Sharpe to ‘First Take’ being set in stone.

Despite reports that Shannon Sharpe to ESPN is a done deal — Stephen A Smith says it’s not true — yet.

Reports circulated from the New York Post on Thursday afternoon that the Hall of Fame tight end will debate Smith on Mondays and Tuesdays on ‘First Take.” 

“It’s a bit premature,” Smith said on his Youtube-based podcast.

There had been speculation since Sharpe was reported to be leaving ‘Undisputed’ this spring that he might end up at ESPN and possibly opposite Smith. It’s something that Smith says he hopes will happen soon. 

Stephen A Smith

“I have a smile on my face. It’s a beautiful smile on my face. Because we all know it’s something that I want,” Smith said on Thursday afternoon. “It’s something that I’ve declared.”

Stephen A Smith indeed been on record stating he wants Sharpe to join him on the network and his show as far back as June.
“It’d be great to have him. Here is the issue — we don’t,” Smith said.

Even while stating that the report isn’t quite accurate, he suggested that it is within reach.

“Shannon Sharpe has yet to sign on the dotted line to be a member of ‘First Take,” Smith declared. “It has not happened yet. I’m still confident it will happen. I think it needs to happen. And I have no doubt I’m going to exhaust anything means I have available to me to make it happen.”

So for now, there is no agreement for the two HBCU graduates (Smith went to Winston-Salem State University, Sharpe to Savannah State University) to join the same team. But it could be around the corner. 

Shannon Sharpe to ‘First Take’ isn’t done yet, Stephen A Smith says
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