Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders praised this HBCU for its facilities to its new president

Deion Sanders met with the new Prairie View A&M president her first day on the job.

Roughly seven months after announcing he was leaving Jackson State University, Deion Sanders went down to Texas to pay HBCU Prairie View A&M University a visit.

Sanders was there for a football mega camp, hosted by Prairie View A&M head coach Bubba McDowell. But he also took the time to visit with PVAMU President Dr. Tomikia LeGrande in a visit documented by Thee Pregame Show. 

“You are doing great things — we appreciate all that you are doing,” President LeGrande told Sanders. 

The former Jackson State football coach thanked her for the compliment and then complimented the school’s facilities. 

“This is beautiful,” Sanders said looking around. “I remember coming here when we played seven-on-seven. This locker room was phenomenal.”

Deion Sanders
Jackson State and Deion Sanders had big crowds everywhere in 2022.

LeGrande thanked Sanders, then revealed that it was actually her first day on the job. 

“Let me tell you what’s about to go down,” Sanders said, sharing a laugh with President LeGrande.

Deion Sanders congratulated LeGrande on her new position and continued to praise Prairie View’s facilities.

“We’ve been everywhere. I’ve been to the pros, Power Five, back at Power Five. So we’ve seen everything. For HBCUs, this is the best one that’s out there.”

“We would agree,” LeGrande exclaimed. 

“You guys are the model. And your head coach is a good guy.”

LeGrande agreed,

“You all are training these young men up to go out here and be leaders in this world and not just the field, so we appreciate that,” LeGrande said. 

Deion Sanders praised this HBCU for its facilities to its new president
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