Howard student takes passion for film to Morocco

I’m going to make films. I’m going to bring people together. – Jordyn Wright

In a recent conversation, I had the pleasure to chop it up with Jordyn Wright who is a sophomore at Howard University. Wright is currently studying TV and Film

As a native of Chicago, Wright opened our conversation by saying her choice to attend an HBCU, specifically Howard, was essentially a no-brainer. The Bison blood flows deep in her family and most importantly she knew the growth potential she could obtain by attending an HBCU.

“My cousin and my auntie went (to Howard). I said let me see how I like and see how it feels. And honestly, I’ve made some great connections and met some great people there. Being around people who motivate me, even if we’re not in the same school or have the same career path, or do the same things in life; just to have that person to push me and continue to motivate me to do these things to better myself as an individual.”

Wright’s passion for directing fuels her grind. During the conversation, the sophomore says that Jordan Peel and Morehouse legend Spike Lee are two of her biggest motivations. Two different directors but Wright’s choice speaks to her fluid creativity. She explained that her choices don’t limit to her abilities. Wright wants to create movies and videos that touch all five senses, she wants her artwork to go beyond the TV screen and warmly embrace the viewer.

“When it comes to the movies I want to make sure that I move people, have them understand, and put them in another trance or another world when I make these films. Whether it makes them cry, joyful on the edge of their toes scared; I just want to make something that really resonates and sticks with them.

Jordyn Wright

While studying TV and Film, the 20-year-old is also minoring in African languages, specifically Arabic. Her quick success in learning the language granted her the opportunity to participate in Howard’s Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS). This fellowship helps facilitate intensive, for-credit study of an African language and foster proficiency in African Studies, whether within the United States or abroad. The FLAS Fellowships contribute to the student’s expertise and comprehension of African studies.

For six weeks, Jordyn Wright will get the chance to study Arabic in Morocco. Through grins and gratitude Wright expressed how this opportunity allows for her to immerse herself into a different culture and even expand her creativity.

“I’m going to do the same with my minor like I do with my major; I’m going to make films. I’m going to bring people together. Now I’m not secluded to only doing American and English films, I can do films in French, I can do films in the UAE, Morocco, and other places that speak Arabic and French,” said Wright. “I’m not closed off to a particular part of the world. I can be like a well-known worldwide director with the languages that I’m learning and perfecting.”

Jordyn Wright is an example of never putting a cap on your capabilities. The sky is the limit and with passion and perseverance you can touch that sky. Ultimately Wright closed our conversation saying she wants her success to be another reason to put “HU on the map.”

Howard student takes passion for film to Morocco
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