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Right-wing clown gets dragged after trying to clown HBCU dance squad

A right-wing influencer tried to body shame the Alabama State Honeybeez. But the joke ended up being on him.

A right-wing social media influencer decided to go for a cheap laugh at the expense of a plus-sized HBCU dance team and became the butt of a thousand jokes. 

Even amongst the dozens of highly talented, highly entertaining HBCU marching band dance teams, the Alabama State Honeybeez are in a class of their own.

The dance auxiliary team made up of plus-size students from Alabama State University who go just as hard as any other squad in the SWAC or beyond. Their high-energy act has captivated audiences wherever they have gone and millions more people in their often viral videos.

The downside to the acclaim and fame that the Honeybeez have acquired is ugly commentary about their weight and health in comment sections, message boards and social media.

Ian Miles Cheong, a right-wing social media influencer, took to Twitter — unprovoked — to try to body shame the Honeybeez. He posted a clip of the squad dancing with the phrase “The New Normal” on Twitter. In just over 24 hours, the tweet has garnered over 11 million views and plenty of interaction.

While there were many people who took the chance to degrade the HoneyBeez in response to the tweet, many more observers rebuked Ian Miles Cheong by both roasting him and just being decent human beings. 

“This is why i wish you fake Twitter doctors would stop acting like you care about fat people’s health… you just don’t like the way we look or that we’re comfortable in our bodies,” wrote Taurus Superstar.

“Why are you talking about these ladies when it looks like your face is melting?” Artsy Marxist wrote. 

The world renowned ASU Honeybees featured on America’s Got Talent, Showtime at the Apollo and holding sponsorships with Nike, Fashionnova Curve, and featured on Emmy award winning Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls show- Put some RESPECT on their name!!! “ Brittani With An I wrote.

Right-wing clown gets dragged after trying to clown HBCU dance squad
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