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Joe Biden blamed, Donald Trump praised for HBCU NFL Draft numbers

Just when you thought you’d heard all the theories about why only one HBCU player was picked in the NFL Draft…

A conservative political figure who attended an HBCU blames President Joe Biden for the lack of HBCU draftees and says things were better under Donald Trump.

Vernon Jones is a two-time former member of the Georgia House of Representatives and former Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County. He is a graduate of North Carolina Central University. 

Only one player from a historically black college was selected in this past week’s NFL Draft. That player, Isaiah Bolden, a cornerback from Jackson State University, was drafted by the New England Patriots. Apparently, Jones felt this was something that President Joe Biden had a hand in. 

“@JoeBiden did this! Trump supported HBCU athletes, @HBCUSports and codified HBCU funding into law. Ironically, is been reduced by the Biden Administration! @realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump.”

Donald Trump has never spoken out on behalf of HBCU athletes explicitly.

When it comes his support for HBCUs, Trump has been known to overstate his impact. Here’s what Politifact had to say about his claims that he “saved” HBCUs. 

“Trump signed the FUTURE Act into law, making a major funding stream for HBCUs permanent beyond 2019. But it’s a stretch to say he “saved” them from financial ruin,” according to the website. “The schools received federal dollars, including via the same Title III program, under Obama.

We must also consider the source. While Vernon Jones is a black man who attended an HBCU, he is also an avid Trump supporter.

Here are the number of HBCU draftees since 2017. 

1 in 2023 — Biden

4 in 2022 — Biden

0 in 2021 — Biden

1 in 2020 — Trump

4 in 2019 — Trump

3 in 2018 — Trump

4 in 2017 — Trump

Joe Biden blamed, Donald Trump praised for HBCU NFL Draft numbers
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