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Kentucky State football program wraps up spring football schedule

Kentucky State HC Felton Huggins Jr is hopeful after a successful spring football schedule

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FRANKFORT, Ky. – Head Football Coach Felton Huggins Jr. is near the end of his first spring practice schedule at the helm of the Kentucky State Football team. 
Coach Huggins has begun to set his foundation on to do things early (on task that were most important to instill within his program), “We are working on closing the G.A.P. (Grit, Attitude, and Preparation) (We are building this football team through our Thorobred Values, which we call it “Closing The G.A.P”).  Like today we talked about our Kentucky State Football mission with our guys and how it translate not just on the field but off of it as well.  Our guys have been buying into what we are trying to instill within this program on and off the field”  Coach Huggins said. Like today we talked about the Kentucky State mission and our guys are buying into that what we are trying to do within the program on and off the field.” Coach Huggins said. 

While laying his foundation for his team, he postponed practice for the first two week so that his student-athletes could focus on their academics, which led to improving their G.P.A. (grade point average). “We are starting to see that shift; they are starting to communicate when they have a test or something they need to take care of. That stuff doesn’t always have to be about the scheme or who the playmaker is. It’s about the little things, that guys are being are holding themselves and teammates accountable and communicating. They are starting to understand the little things are the difference between passing or failing that English class or Picking up a first down on 3rd and short.  Putting an emphasis on these two items on and off the field will show that we are on the right track to be a really good football going forward and in the future.” the things they need to do on and off the field that will show that we will be a good program that we want to be going forward and in the future.” Coach Felton Huggins said about his time laying his foundation.

Felton Huggins

Spring Football Standouts

During the 2022 season Jimmy Edmonds had 5.5 sacks for a loss of 40 yards along with 28 tackles, “Jimmy is a super athletic player we found out that he played quarterback, and we want to challenge him to a leadership role and he has really been buying into that role. We are also challenging Jimmy to play at the next level, guys like him that can run like him and with size like him can run like the wind and very strong we want to take his game to another level.” Coach Felton Huggins said.

Jaylen Johnson has caught the attention of Coach Huggins early after 2022 season with 63 tackle and one interception as he builds off that momentum during the spring. He’s big and very pivotal, he is a really good kid to be around. He has spent a lot of time with our defensive coaches learning the defense and getting a lot better with his footwork. Johnson is growing into his role as a leader.” Coach Huggins said about Jaylen Johnson
Sophomore Linebacker Bobby Hayes Jr. is another player that has stood out this spring, “I’m excited to see what Bobby has in him he is biting at the bit to return to play. He has stepped up to the plate as a leader and he is not afraid to challenge those around him. He has been doing great about picking up schemes, he is very athletic and can maneuver bobby around at a lot of different places.” Huggins said. 

Returning running back Devonte Bankston has impressed Coach Huggins, “Bankston has the body of a division I athlete. He is very athletic, runs like the wind very good sense of direction can catch the ball out of the back field. I have never had a back in my offense with his size and speed.” Huggins said. 
Senior returner Brandon Wade has showed Coach Huggins how versatile he can be, “He has the size and is very mature, he has great speed and very versatile he size the to play safety but also has the speed to play corner and we can get him down in the box to play nickel also.” Huggins said. 
The defensive side of the ball will have returning senior Jeremiah Owens and is another defensive player to watch, “He has all the talent in the world and he has done a lot better this spring about keeping that switch on.” Huggins said. 


Wide receiver Jalen Silver has picked up things quickly this spring, “He picked up the offense really well, he is very quick has very good hands and will make those tough catches in traffic but also has that speed when he gets into those open spaces. He has impressed me a lot and I am excited to see how he develops.” Felton Huggins said.

Kentucky State football program wraps up spring football schedule
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