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Deion Sanders explains how Blacks are priced out of baseball

“It is a problem and major league baseball needs to have a resolution”

Deion Sanders recently joined the “How it Goes Down” Podcast with comedian and host Desi Banks to discuss a broad range of topics. Early in the discussion, the two touched on why major league baseball (MLB), as well as select/travel baseball, is not big in the black community.

“I had the choice to play baseball or football,” Sanders explained.

Before Deion Sanders became “Coach Prime” at JSU he made a name for himself as one of the best professional athletes in late 1980’s and early 90’s. Sanders was a lockdown defender in the NFL but he also succeeded on the MLB diamond as well. He opened up to Desi Banks about why he believes many Black kids choose other sports over baseball.

“This is the problem with baseball,” Deions Sanders began. “Black fathers never played baseball so black fathers are not pushing their kids towards baseball. So when the black father wants to play with his son, he puts in his hands what he is accustomed to. Baseball is not the option.”

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“Back when I was coming up, we had a lot of African Americans in major league baseball,” Deion Sanders continued. “Now that is not a thing because they priced us out as well. Back when we played baseball in the little leagues it was cool, maybe about a hundred or a hundred fifty dollars to register. To play on a select team now it’s at least two thousand. So kids are not playing it. They can not afford it. They priced us out.”

“It is a problem and MLB needs to have a resolution,” Sanders concluded. “That is the reason we don’t play along with African American fathers not playing so they are not pushing us to the sport. And that is the best sport when we are talking benefits, salary, and longevity. That is the best sport.”

Deion Sanders explains how Blacks are priced out of baseball
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