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Jackson State Assistant Coach Gary Harrell on Running Backs

Assistant Coach Gary Harrell talks about technique and what it takes to be a great running back at Jackson State.

JACKSON, MS–Jackson State Assistant Coach Gary Harrell is hard at work with the running backs. Affectionally known as “Coach Flea,” Harrell spoke with Chris Neely of Thee Pregame Show about his work with the Tigers, and what it takes to be a great running back.

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A Lot to Be Responsible For

“Every day we want to make sure that we understand how to get lined up,” Harrell said. “We got a lot of things we’ve got to be responsible for. Protection, direction, and strength of the offense. We want to make sure that we do all those things.”

Harrell said it’s important for the players to “slow the game down” and “carry out our responsibility.”

“Every day we try to make sure we eliminate mental errors,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about. The guy that’s able to get in the game with no penalties, no errors, and execute. That will be the guy that plays for Jackson State.”

You’ve Got to Be Smart

“You got to be a smart running back these days,” Harrell said. “Not only at Jackson State but in the game of football.”

He said the Tigers “have a great room.”

“We got JD Martin, we got Santee Marshall, we got Tyson Alexander, we got Desmond Moultrie,” Harrell said. “Those are the top four.”

It’s in the Small Details

“Running the football, the physicality, finish runs,” Harrell said. “Things of that nature will also be looked at, but I like to look at what you’re doing as far as the small details. Being a running back is being a running back, you should be expected to do those things.”

Harrell said those small details start with the mindset.

“If you pay attention to details so you come every day with a mindset of making no mistakes, trying to be perfect,” he said. “That’s the guy I want.”

Jackson State Assistant Coach Gary Harrell on Running Backs
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