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Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders says he’s locked in at Jackson State

Deion Sanders hasn’t been a Jackson State a full year yet, but is he ready to bolt for a Power Five program? JSU’s head coach answers that question.

Just eight games into his coaching career, Deion Sanders has already been mentioned as a potential candidate in the media for Power Five coaching jobs.

One day short of a year since being officially announced as Jackson State’s head coach, Sanders told the media on Monday that while he’s flattered, he’s right where he’s supposed to be at JSU. 

“If I believe that they all clapping, I believe when they all booing, if it’s for a reason. I don’t get into that, man,” Sanders said of the banter surrounding his coaching future.  I’m so dern tunnel vision and focused and locked in on what we’re trying to accomplish here at Jackson State. That’s who I am, that’s what I am, that’s how I get down. That’s how I’ve been successful, being able to lock-in — focus on what’s at hand.” 

Last week his name was floated by media members for jobs at Florida State, his alma mater, and the University of Southern California. Former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush gave a glowing endorsement of Sanders as a potential to fulfill its vacancy at head coach. 

“I do believe there is a coach out there that can help restore USC to its greatness,” Bush told 247Sports. “I believe Deion Sanders can be that person. He can be that person. When you think about what he’s done at Jackson State right now, Jackson State has the No. 55 recruiting class in the nation. They’re one ahead of Kansas State, which has a significantly much-larger budget than Jackson State does. But what does that tell you? That tells you Deion knows how to recruit. Let’s just use this as an example. Deion Sanders is the head coach at USC. He walks into your house and says, ‘Matt (Leinart), I want you to come play and be the starting quarterback at USC.’ What are you going to say? … You’re gonna say yes.”

I’m thankful that Reggie mentioned me. I’m thankful that he thought as much of our friendship that I could be a candidate or whatever. I’m appreciative of that. But I’m locked in,” Sanders said. 

Sanders’ JSU squad is 2-1 after dropping a tough game to FBS member Louisiana-Monroe. 

“Right where I want to be. I’m elated. I’m coaching my sons. I’m loving this culture. I want to win. I wish we would have won. But that just drives me more.”

Deion Sanders says he’s locked in at Jackson State
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