Alabama State

Honeybeez Just Do It

The Alabama State dance squad stars in the latest Nike campaign.

The Alabama State Honeybeez are front and center in the latest ad campaign by Nike. The “Dream Crazy” campaign by Nike highlights stories of people who achieve things that began as a highly improbable thought.

As of Monday afternoon, the Honeybeez video and story is the featured content on the homepage of

The Instagram video of the Honeybeez posted to the Nike account garnered over one million views in less than four hours.

The ad campaign began in September 2018 with a television commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick. The Honeybeez did not appear in the television spot, and so far their involvement seems to be just online.

The Honeybeez aren’t strangers to the spotlight. In the past they have appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Steve Harvey Show, reality show “Bama State Style” and a viral video on HBCU Gameday.

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