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You May Play Fantasy Football, But You Don’t Own Tarik Cohen

Memo: Nobody cares about your fantasy football team! Just ask Tarik Cohen.

The NFL season is quickly coming to an end. The fantasty football season, for many people is over. And for some people, the end of their fantasy is too damn real.

Former North Carolina A&T star Tarik Cohen has been a fantasy bright spot for many people all season long. The Chicago Bears running back/return man/ sometimes quarterback had a slow day on Sunday, and some fans decided it was a good idea to enter his mentions with complaints.

Somebody told them wrong. The recently selected Pro Bowler took on all comers on Sunday after his team eeked out a 14-9 win. Take RegularOldVicc on Instagram for example.

Or take TemplesFinest on Twitter. He came for Cohen, got a response, and quickly deleted his tweet.

Cohen is one of the most fan friendly pro athletes you’ll ever come across, so its not like he’s being a grinch.

For many people, sports is an escape from everyday life. It’s a way to yell and scream and do and say things that normally aren’t acceptable in every day life. For many people, video games or fantasy sports is as close as they will ever get to the big time. Many people devote hours upon hours to researching stats and choosing players to compete against friends for bragging rights or cash.

As long as its done in good fun, its a cool hobby to have. But taking to the internet to @ your favorite pro athlete about how they messed up your fantasy team is a bad look. Out of all the things that an NFL player has to worry about–his job, his family, his actual coaches– do you really think they have the time to give a damn about YOUR fantasy team?

One thing is clear: You may play fantasy football, but you do not own Tarik Cohen, or any other player for that matter.

You May Play Fantasy Football, But You Don’t Own Tarik Cohen


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