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HBCU Gameday seeking Digital Content Interns


Join the HBCU Gameday crew and build your resume by becoming an Digital Content Intern.

Digital Content Intern

HBCU Gameday is seeking digital content interns (DCIs), beginning Jan. 2018.

The DCIs will focus primarily on producing content for to be distributed on social media channels. The position will include a mix of writing breaking news stories, aggregating news stories from press releases as well as creating compelling original content.

The intern will learn how to:

Use news judgment to determine relevance and importance
Contact sources to confirm and break news stories
Build relationships with sources
Contribute to the production of the weekly podcast
Use analytics to create content
Copy edit the posts of others
Create basic graphics to compliment stories
Assist with social media content distribution strategy (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Interns who receive class credit will submit a weekly report detailing production and will meet at least bi-weekly with a senior member of the editorial team to discuss progress and areas for improvement. Candidates who are not students are welcomed, however, this position is unpaid.

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