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MEAC fines Hampton’s Connell Maynor for criticizing refs

Hampton is prepping for a big game this week, but the bitter taste of last week’s 31-28 loss to Richmond just won’t go away. Head coach Connell Maynor has been fined by the MEAC for criticizing officials following an unsportsmanlike penalty against

This is what got Maynor fined, via The Daily Press: 

“The official told me he said something to him,” Maynor said. “So I said to the official, what did he say … because I was looking right at him. (Williams’) helmet came off (on contact) and he didn’t say a word to that guy. Then the official said, ‘Oh, he don’t have to say anything.’ 

“Hold up, you threw the flag because you said he said something. I tell you he didn’t say anything because I was looking at his mouth and his mouth didn’t move, now you say he don’t have to say anything? So why you’d throw the flag? No answer. 

“That was the backbreaker. We lost the game because of him. He (was) a major reason.”

The MEAC didn’t specify how much Maynor would be fined. Hampton plays rival Howard in the Nation’s Football Classic on Friday.

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