NCCU surprises players with beach workout

North Carolina Central’s Jerry Mack welcomed his team back to Durham with the ultimate okie-doke. The players thought they were getting a lunch on the lake. Instead, they got a workout more fitting a Navy Seal than an Eagle.

Practice #1 is in the books! #LeaveNoDoubt
Posted by NCCU Football on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

“We saw the schedule and we’re thinking it’s a cookout type deal, not something that’s going to be too serious or too crucial,” senior defensive back C.J. Moore told the Durham Herald-Sun. “We think we’ll maybe work out and go. Then it’s a full blown workout in the sand, in the water.”

“We wanted to get the guys different scenery,” Mack said after the practice. “Sometimes when you get the guys out on the beach, it’s a little bit more stressful on your legs. It was a great day to get acclimated. The temperatures were in the 90s, and it was slightly humid outside so it gave them a chance to get in the water.”

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