FAMU football coach Alex Wood (still) not under contract

A hangup over when Florida A&M can fire a coach has kept the football coach it hired in December from getting his contract done.

Nearly seven months after being hired, and less than two months before the start of the season, FAMU football coach Alex Wood is still not under contract.

Wood initially signed the contract this spring, but the deal was not approved by FAMU’s Board of Trustees, according to Tallahassee.com’s Jordan Culver.  The BOT has requested revision of a provision that allows the school to fire a coach with 60 days notice.

“We took a step to try and make the contract more favorable to (Wood),” BOT Vice Chairman Kelvin Lawson said. 

“It had to go through a couple of different legal reviews. It needed the president’s re-agreement. We’re in the process of re-presenting the contract to (Wood) and we anticipate a positive outcome. 

“We’re trying to make it clear that we appreciate him being here and we’d like him to be here for a while.”

Wood has been presented with a revised contract for $200,000 for three years, according to Lawson.

FAMU has seen a revolving door of coaches and administrators the last few years, and has been sued by former basketball coach Clemon Johnson and former football coach Earl Holmes.

“I am not suggesting that the clause be removed,” BoT Chairman Rufus Montgomery said during the meeting on June 9.

“There is a period of rebuilding that transpires. My concern is that at a whim you can let the coach go. There should be some controls for termination.

“We don’t want another lawsuit.”

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