A&T, NCCU Playing For Conference Crown Is Nothing New

When North Carolina A&T travels down  I-40 to Durham to take on rival North Carolina Central on Saturday, a lot will be at stake. In addition to bragging rights, which are always on the line–both teams have a shot at picking up the MEAC’s FCS playoff spot.

This isn’t the first time that the two teams have met where one or both teams had a chance to clinch a conference crown. In fact, in the 50s and 60s, it was almost a yearly event. Check out the list belwo.

*1950- A&T (6-2-1) beats NCCU (7-2) 25-13 to win the CIAA Title
*1953- NC College (5-3) beats A&T (4-4) 15-6 to win CIAA Title
*1954- NC College (7-1-1) beats A&T (4-6) 7-6 to win CIAA Title
*1956- NC College (5-2-2) beats A&T (4-4) 20-0 to win CIAA Title (tied with Morgan State and Delaware State
*1958- A&T (7-2) beats NC College (7-2) 20-10 to win CIAA Title
(NCC students hung president in effigy for threatening to move game off campus)
*1961- NC College (7-0-2) beats A&T (7-3) 13-0 to win CIAA Title 
*1963- NC College (8-1) beats A&T (6-3) 6-0 to win the CIAA Title 
*1964-A&T (6-3-1) beats NC College (4-4) 26-0 to win the CIAA Title 
*1972-NCCU (9-2) beats A&T (8-2) 9-7 to win the MEAC Title
*1973-NCCU (7-5) beats A&T (4-6-1) 16-6 to win the MEAC

So history tells us that if you’re betting on the game, you may just want to bet on the Eagles, even if the are the underdog to the Aggies. Then again, all these games took place before NCCU coach Jerry Mack was born, so it doesn’t exactly mean much.

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