Morgan State Coach Writes Perfect Letter To Fans

If Morgan State’s 4-3 record wasn’t enough to convince fans that Lee Hull was the right man to lead the football program, his writing skills just might. The rookie head coach wrote an open letter to Morgan fans and alumni on the heels of his team’s 21-20 homecoming win over North Carolina Central, and it was damn near perfect.

The former Maryland assistant started the letter by thanking the fans for coming out and supporting the team during its homecoming game.

But he didn’t stop there. Hull implored his team’s supporters to bring the same vitality and enthusiasm the rest of the season.

“We need you and the energy you brought to the game at all of our home games! If you can make it, please come see us play on the road. Please know that I appreciate you supporting your alma mater and your football team. We need you! I look forward to seeing you at the next home game and next year’s homecoming game! You are a big part of what we do and you are definitely helping us Restore The Roar as we continue on our path to Return To Greatness!”

It’s obvious that Hull understands how much fan support can lift a team. He also seems to understand that it often takes outreach to the community and alumni to make it happen. Unlike many HBCU coaches, Hull seems to realize that if HBCUs want fans in the stands, they have to step off the mountain and meet them where they are. If

Morgan State has a proud football tradition that has been buried by bad to mediocre football over the last 35 years. Hull’s first season in Baltimore is any indication, the Bears will be a factor in the MEAC for years to come.

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