Fayetteville Observer Profile’s WSSU’s Whitaker Gym In Home Court Series

A few weeks ago, we told you about an HBCU athletic venue slowly drifting away. On the other end of that spectrum is Winston-Salem State’s Whitaker Gymnasium, the former home of WSSU Basketball. The gym is featured in the Fayetteville Observer’s Home Court’s Series, which focuses on basketball courts that helped make North Carolina a college basketball hub.

Built just after World War II, Whitaker played hosts to some of the greatest players and coaches in HBCU basketball history. It’s where Clarence “Big House” Gaines turned the Winston-Salem State Teachers in to the Winston-Salem State Rams. It’s the place where legends Cleo Hill and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe wowed fans and scouts alike.

Check out the story, written by Stephen Schramm.

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