Hampton To Launch National Fundraising Campaign For Athletics

Looks like the rich are trying to get richer in HBCU athletic circles. Hampton University announced earlier this week it will be launching its first-ever national athletic fundraising campaign, Hampton Nation.

“Hampton Nation was designed to capture and create a new culture full of fan passion and financial support for the university and its athletic programs. Contributing to Hampton Nation will help provide the necessary support, giving student-athletes an opportunity to earn a college degree and excel in the sports they love. 

Hampton Nation, with the help of the university administration, evolved into a campaign that would utilize social media, mobile, and internet platforms to promote athletics and the university under one umbrella.”

It’s amazing that Hampton, one of the most successful and profitable HBCUs, has never had a national fundraising campaign for athletics. That says a lot about how far our schools are behind off the field as well as on it.

Hopefully it’ll be a success–one that others can model.

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