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From The Archives: SLAM Profiles Kentucky State’s Travis Grant

The name Travis Grant might not mean anything to the average hoops head. But mention the former Kentucky State star’s name to an old head and be prepared to hear all types of mythic-sounding stories. You’ll hear stories of him dropping 50, 60, 70 points in a tiny gym without breaking a sweat. Thing is, there’s a good possibility that story is true.

SLAM Magazine has a great feature on the former KSU star. It’s definitely worth a look. 

“Now, that’s saying something. For all of his points—a collegiate-record 4,045 of them—The Machine cares most about one number: three. That’s how many NAIA national championships his Kentucky State teams won in a row. It wasn’t just the Travis Grant Experience in Frankfort. This was an ensemble. And winning it all was all there was. 

And you don’t believe that, do you? How can a guy average 33.4 ppg over four years and tell you it was all about the team? It’s hard to blame the doubters. After all, basketball history is filled with gunners who wanted theirs first. And second. The team mattered little, if at all. Grant swears that wasn’t the case, and three titles support his argument.  

“Coach [Lucias Mitchell] made sure we played as a team,” Grant says. “I didn’t think about how many points I scored. That’s not what the team was about. We were a team. I was fortunate that I shot a better percentage than the other guys, and they passed me the ball.”

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