WSSU Continues Plans To Purchase Stadium

Winston-Salem State’s Board of Trustees voted in favor of using bonds to purchase Bowman-Gray Stadium. (Garrett Garms/WSSU photo)

Winston-Salem State’s football team may be in the midst of a road trip, but Bowman Gray is definitely at the forefront of the university’s mind. The Winston-Salem Journal reports that the university’s Board of Trustees voted in favor of moving ahead with the stadium’s purchase via special obligation bonds.

“The bonds would be used to finance the purchase of Bowman Gray and a total of 94 acres, including Civitan Park. WSSU’s board had to approve the resolution before the board of governors could take further action. 

According to school officials, the amount needed to acquire the stadium, about $7 million, was small so it made more sense for WSSU to use special obligation bonds than to pursue long-term financing.”

The school has been working to purchase the stadium, just off its campus, for several years. This summer, NC legislators supported a deal that would allow the purchase to continue.

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